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12 reasons

ta for-sale 2014to consider selling your club now!

Ever thought of selling your club? Realtor Winston Hines gives you a few tips and considerations when it comes to making this decision, as well as the benefits of taking advantage of the rising economy today.

Behind the Bar

ta scamsThe great cocktail waitress scams!

With over 40 years in the nightclub and bartending businesses, it’s pretty safe to say Bob Johnson has just about seen it all. Here, he recalls two of the most “creative” cocktail waitress scams he’s encountered.

Above The Bar part 2!

nov 13 ab 23part223 steps to great bartending, part 2

In the September issue of Club Bulletin, bar expert Bob Johnson revealed his 22 steps for top-notch bartending. The 23rd—attention and recognition—is, according to Johnson, the most important step of all. 

Above the bar

ab 23steps drink23 steps to great bartending!

I can't guarantee you success in bartending because I don't know what your attitude is toward this profession. Do you like it a lot? Do you have a passion for bartending? But if you can execute to perfection my "23 steps to great bartending," you'll be way ahead of the other bartenders who did not read this article. And I'll guarantee you'll make more money than them! Best of luck to you.

She could be wearing this!

dt wearingthissmWhile club operators certainly don’t dress the entertainers at their venue, that doesn’t mean that they can’t point the girls in the right direction when it comes to what they wear on the floor and on the stage. In each issue, we will be highlighting the newest and hottest dancewear fashions, brands and accessories available to the industry’s entertainers.

The Top 11

dt top11imagesafety tips you need to survive as an exotic dancer

As a former exotic dancer,’s Jennifer McCumber knows all too well the safety issues associated with being a dancer in the adult nightclub industry. Following her 11 tips will help keep entertainers out of harm’s way.

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