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How to evaluate,

TA may16 0and get the most from, your managers and club staff

Veteran manager Brian Parselli examines each area of club staff, explains their role in the club’s overall success, and offers tips on how to evaluate and motivate your managers and employees.
Do you have the right person in every position of your staff? What exactly is the right person for the right job?

Using CPU to evaluate ROI

marketing-plans2When it comes to tracking your club’s marketing efforts—your ROI (return on investment), the three most important letters you need to know are CPU: Cost Per Unit. What is CPU, and how can you track it? Ross Yamashita of explains.

Club owners and management are inundated with marketing avenues available to them to attract more guests. When speaking to them, I’ll always ask what their most effective marketing campaign is. I usually get a quick, confident answer. Unfortunately, in many cases, their perception of successful campaigns is based on a snapshot of what they see while they’re at the club or what management “recalls.”

15 Tips for becoming a

employee-flow-chart great leader in your club

If you’re grooming a new manager or looking to be a better leader, bar and nightclub expert Bob Johnson has a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to being the boss.

A bar manager asked me recently if I had any suggestions for becoming a better leader. The person asking me was “thrown” into a management position because he was really good at what he was doing previously. It was “assumed” he must have the abilities to be a good manager because of his previous great work performance. In other words, he got promoted to his “level of incompetence.”

The two-way street

OTTtwowaystreet1of successful feature bookings—and re-bookings

As one of the industry’s most well-known features, Lisa Ann knows what it takes to enjoy a successful booking in the club, and how features can turn that successful booking into re-bookings.
Every club, every feature entertainer and every feature booking agency wants a feature booking to be successful in every possible way—lots of fans through the door, great feature shows, great camaraderie between the feature, club staff and entertainers, and at the end, a resounding, “We can’t wait to have you back!” But what does it take to get from point A—the booking—to point B, the re-booking? What factors will make that initial booking a success?
In the latest installment of her “Now Featuring” column, well-known touring feature Lisa Ann offers her advice on how she and the club staff worked together to create a successful booking for everyone involved, and the keys to securing a re-booking.

Even an entertainer can

RebeccaAvalon“dress for success”

What separates an amazing stage set from an average one is the ability for the entertainer to set herself apart from others by making her routine unique, memorable and thoroughly engaging from beginning to end. Stripping is a much more competitive industry than it used to be. In addition to improving her customer service skills and a positive mindset, adding a creative edge to her stage set may be just the thing needed to increase profits, make repeat customers and experience more customers willing to throw in the extra cash for a lap dance.

How to ensure your safety

tips safety1on a feature booking

As one of the industry’s most frequently booked features, Lisa Ann knows the ins and outs of being on the road as a feature, and what type of preparations—and precautions—it takes to travel well and remain safe while touring as an entertainer.

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