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twin atlantic  Twin Atlantic - "Heart And Soul”

The Scottish band Twin Atlantic puts a tasteful spin on all things indie rock ’n roll with their latest hit single 'Heart and Soul'. What begins as a One Direction-esque ballad quickly redeems itself with a stadium-sized rock chorus comparable to Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’. Our conclusion? Play it. Play it loud.
wiz khalifa  Wiz Khalifa - “Ass Drop”

The twerk revolution continues. This time, it’s Wiz Khalifa—whose newest album “Blacc Hollywood” recently hit #1 on the Billboard chart—paying homage to the big ‘ol booty with the track “Ass Drop.” If it’s good enough for his wife (and former Delilah’s of Philadelphia entertainer) Amber Rose to twerk to (she posted a video doing it last month), it’s damn near a booty anthem.
 Drunk-Americans Toby Keith - "Drunk Americans”

As the No. 1 most added song on both the Billboard and Country Aircheck/Mediabase charts after only one week on the radio, Toby Keith’s ‘Drunk Americans’ is a no-brainer when it comes to adding this single to your playlist. Plus, bringing people together despite diversity to have a good time is the theme of the song—something that sounds pretty familiar to the goal of an adult nightclub if you ask me.
 five knives sugar Five Knives - “Sugar"

The electronic pop-rock quartet Five Knives’ latest single ‘Sugar’ adds a catchy twist to our traditional idea of ‘electronic’ music. The song begins with a slow build up to an all-out rave-like beat, its lyrics emphasizing one thing that all entertainers can agree on—they know what them boys want.

Teyana Taylor - “Maybe”

Teyana Taylor is the perfect combination of Beyonce and Rihanna, and her latest single ‘Maybe’ exemplifies that. The sultry jam opens with Yo Gotti spitting his usual sick beats and transitions into Taylor’s seductive verse followed by a hook that has a similar yet more sophisticated feel of T-Pain’s ‘I’m in Love with a Stripper’: Maybe it's the liquour, maybe it's the song/ Don't know what it is, but you turn me on Maybe it's the bar, maybe it's the club/ Don't know what it is, maybe I'm in love.”

 rick ross r kelly Rick Ross - "Keep Doin’ That" featuring R. Kelly

This bumpin’ bass-heavy beat is an ode to the all the females out there—or at least the closest Rick Ross and R. Kelly will come to creating a female-centric anthem (but they give it a pretty honest attempt). With the catchy lyrics and trap rhythms both artists are known for, this song is guaranteed to have your patrons asking their favorite entertainer to ‘Keep Doin’ That’ all night long.
 itch another man

Itch  - "Another Man”

This fun, pop-meets-oldies single might at first have you questioning the future of the music industry… until you can’t get it out of your head and have the sudden urge to get up and dance every time it comes on. The tune is a liberating ode to all those ladies (and gents) out there who finally found the courage to ditch the bitch and get another man (or lady) who “ain't nothin' like you…/and he knows what to do.”


 heavens basement Heaven’s Basement  - “Lights Out in London”

Red Bull Records’ artist Heaven’s Basement are no strangers to, having appeared on several previous installments (meaning: they dig strip clubs and know their music makes for a killer soundtrack). This time around, they’re showcasing the sultry rocker “Lights Out in London,” yet another stellar track from their newest CD “Filthy Empire.” With just one listen it’s easy to see that this U.K.-based quartet has a lot more going on than some of their U.S. contemporaries that are pumping out the same old same old.

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Jeezy - "Beez Like"
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DJ AntLiva - "Lose My Mind"

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