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MC ART ALBUM NO Cover 2014.051

Brantley Gilbert “Girls, Girls, Girls”

If you think you know “Girls, Girls, Girls,” think again. The adult nightclub industry’s perennial number-one song has gotten an extreme makeover, country style, by Brantley Gilbert. It’s just one of 15 songs that appear on the it-sounds-crazy-but-it-actually-works CD titled “Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue.” While the vocals are a bit subdued on this one, the song stays true to the original while also adding that unmistakable country twang. Tired of playing the original but still want to celebrate “girls, girls, girls”? Spin this one!

MC ART ALBUM NO Cover 2014.051

Rascal Flatts “Kickstart My Heart”

The next track up from “Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue” is Rascal Flatts’ version of the Dr. Feelgood classic “Kickstart My Heart.” Always on the edge of rock anyway, it’s no wonder that Rascal Flatts rocks this one pretty hard, even if it has the trademark sound country/pop sound of the Ohio-based trio.  If your club has country on its playlist, these two make great picks especially when they offer current and classic in one package.

Korn 2013

Korn “Hater”

While the term “hater” is typically used to reference a person who spews venom against another out of jealousy, Korn’s “Hater” (or, at least, its video) addresses an even more timely topic: Bullies. If your only reference point for Korn is the bludgeoning metal of their debut album or the nu-metal version of the band, best evidenced by tracks like “Falling Away From Me” or “Make Me Bad,” then “Hater” will catch you off guard. It’s a much more subdued Korn here, where guitars lay back in the mix and give way to a more industrial/techno sound. It’s not exactly Korn-lite, but it is a more accessible version of the band that may add a fresh sound to your rock playlist.


The Pretty Reckless “Fucked Up World,” “Heaven Knows” and “Going to Hell”

Haven’t heard of The Pretty Reckless yet? Where’ve you been? Their new disc Going to Hell has topped both the U.S. and U.K. charts, and they feature one of today’s most charismatic lead singers in the sexy blonde Taylor Momson, who has become this generation’s Joan Jett. To get the flavor of what Momson and The Pretty Reckless are all about, check out any of these three tunes, all from Going to Hell (and all available for FREE download on Each track drips with Momson’s vibe and attitude—and she has one damn sultry voice to boot. 

“Heaven Knows” is the catchiest of the bunch, with a huge, can’t-miss chorus. The title track, “Going to Hell,” is an upbeat hard-rocker with blistering guitar work. “Fucked Up World” is the most overtly sexual of the bunch, and Momson doesn’t shy away from edgy lyrical content or using the occasional “f-bomb” to drive her point home (it also has a seriously catchy chorus). With her tough-girl attitude and sexy-as-all-hell voice, both entertainers and customers alike will get their groove on to Momson and The Pretty Reckless.

Jeezy "Seen It All" Ft. Jay Z

Jeezy’s voice is considered a classic in the rap world, and more than one of his hits has gone on to be a rap anthem. Despite his three-year hiatus from the rap scene, Jeezy is back and better than ever with his latest hit single “Seen It All,” featuring the ever-popular rapper (and, ahem, husband to the one and only Beyonce) Jay Z. Keeping his signature style, the track features a slower intro that leads to a booty-bumping beat that will have her proving that, just maybe, your male patrons haven’t seen it all.

Lil Jon “Bend Ova" 

A new strip club anthem has been born out of Lil Jon’s latest hit, “ Bend Ova” featuring Tyga. Taking the twerk revolution into his own hands, Lil Jon sets out to give women everywhere a little how-to when it comes to booty shaking. His most helpful tip? Knees to elbows. Repeat.

DJ Mustard “Down On Me”

DJ Mustard is finally stepping out from behind the rappers he produces hit records for and is putting his vocal chords to use in a few of his own hits. One of these tracks just happens to be a buzz worthy, strip club-ready banger entitled “Down On Me,” featuring his oft collaborators 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign.


Iggy Azalea “Black Widow”

“Black Widow” is the beat that every pissed off bad girl is going to be singing under her breath this season. The song emphasizes both revenge and feminism in relation to a failed relationship, and its seductive steal drum rhythm and heavy bass will have your club’s speakers jamming.



Common “Diamonds”

Well known rapper Common is no new kid on the trap block, and with his tenth album in the works, his newly released single “Diamonds” is just one more reminder of why we can’t get enough. Common shows off his infamous lyricism, bouncing beat and a few double entendres, and with a verse by Big Sean, “Diamonds” is a song that will be requested many a time in your adult nightclub.


party up artwork 


Destructo “Party Up" Ft. YG

 “Party Up,” produced by D.C.-born DJ Destructo, is the perfect combination of rap, hip-hop and electro. All you have to do is watch this club banger’s music video—complete with poles, strippers and plenty of party-ready men—to see why this beat should be bumpin’ in your DJ booth.




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