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band-of-skulls-7769 “Hoochie Coochie” by Band of Skulls (Dan Auerbach Mix)

Though the band name sounds like they should be playing pummeling death metal, Band of Skulls and their track “Hoochie Coochie” are anything but.  Still, the U.K.-based trio does rock its way through this sultry tune, boasting such lyrics as, “You look like a Picasso/Black lashes, drinking like it’s water/Kinda like it when you’re dancing/Come on, baby, when are you gonna call it a night?” Even the video stars a sexy stripper, so why not spin the “Hoochie Coochie” for your club’s Picassos?

Itch “Another Man” by Itch

Combining punk, pop, rap, and electronic elements, “Another Man” by Itch showcases his unique style in spades.  His new album, The Deep End, was released on Red Bull Records in March 2014. Previously a member of The King Blues, a ukelele punk band from London (where he was known as Jonathan “Itch” Fox), he’s “Itch”-ing his way to get into your club with lyrics like, “She’s your girl, but watch out ‘cause she’s in demand/I wouldn’t get too close and I wouldn’t obsess/‘Cause she will take your heart and break it .... “. 

cherub “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub (Explicit Radio Edit)

Cherub has been on the continuous rise in popularity since their first entrance into the music world in 2010. “Doses and Mimosas” is a recent hit that exemplifies the duo’s talent and their retro-funk/electropop sound that has people all over the world pressing ‘repeat’. The thumping track is a great anthem for those stag men in your club and will have them forgetting their ex and ordering lap dances before the song is over.

jeezy “Me, OK” by Jeezy

As with all Jeezy productions, “Me, OK” will be in your head long after you hear it. The new hit single released on May 8th features the raw edge Jeezy is known for and edgy rhymes for that true trap feeling.

stars in stereo

“Leave Your Mark” by Stars in Stereo

“Leave Your Mark” by Stars in Stereo is a breath of fresh air when it comes to finding rock that isn’t trying to squeeze itself into some kind of aesthetic. Despite the female lead vocalist, the song has incredible depth and will have your stereos roaring and a punk rock timbre that makes for the perfect shift in gears after a night full of rap or hip hop.


“One Too Many” by New Medicine

As we all know, we’ve all had one too many at some point in time. The new single “One Too Many” by New Medicine is a fun reminder of what typically goes down on those ‘one too many’ nights. With a beat that resembles a combination of Panic at the Disco and Kei$ha and an explosively catchy chorus, every dancer is guaranteed to be begging you to play this song when their turn is up on stage.


Don’t Tell ‘Em by Jeremih

DJ Mustard does it again in Jeremih’s latest single ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’. Between Jeremih’s sultry vocals and YG’s magnetic intermittent verses, this hit will have more than your entertainers sweating as they dance this summer.



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