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Girls Like You!

bnm-215-copyEntertainers, be on the lookout—The boys of Brand New Machine are looking for “Girls Like You”

There was a time, not so long ago, that reciting the phrase “sex, drugs and rock and roll” meant describing an actual lifestyle and not the fastest way to eye-rolling cliché.  A time when Sunset Boulevard was simply known as the “Strip”; a quarter mile stretch paved with loud bars, bad intentions and questionable morals, rather than today’s fanny-packed tourists on parade.  A dangerous time. A time when bands such as Motley Crue, Guns ‘N’ Roses, and Ratt weren’t considered “classic” rock acts, either.  A time without hipsters.  However that was then, and this is now.  And while rock ‘n’ roll can never die, it sure as shit can change.
Some of us don’t want to settle for that kind of rock as being only nostalgic. Music like that is too decadent, too wicked, and too much goddamn fun.  Like vampires, or Nikki Sixx, it’ll never die either, and can never be ignored.  As seasoned musicians, the members of Brand New Machine (BNM) formed out of a number of other bands from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in 2011. Consisting of Brantly Thompson (vocals), Kenny Sizelove (drums), Darren Wise (guitar) and Wiley E. Oliver IV (bass), the four were, and will continue to be, hell-bent on keeping the spirit of hedonistic American rock alive and kicking.  
“You know, it isn’t rocket science, it’s just good, old fashioned rock and roll,” says Oliver.  “BNM is playing off the influences of our heroes, such as Motley and GnR, and finding that people still like that kind of music.”
 Ostensibly heavy with a distinct lack of pretension, BNM’s debut track, “Girls Like You,” fits comfortably in the pantheon of blue color, booze-and-boobs party rock—and, of course, on your club’s playlist.  

“This type of rock will never grow old. What people get with Brand New Machine is a band with that same attitude, the same spirit, the ones always looking for a good time.”—   Brantly Thompson

“It’s our homage, if you will, to ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’,” says Thompson of the strip club anthem that got Motley Crue inducted into the EXOTIC DANCER Hall of Fame.  “That song is forever linked to strip clubs, and ‘Girls Like You’ is about the same kind of lifestyle.”
Having met Vince Neil previously led the groundwork for “Girls Like You,” since the band and the rock legend (and now club owner) share a mutual affection for fast times and even faster women.  At home The Clubhouse (co-owned by Pantera and Hellyeah drummer, Vinnie Paul) is their local favorite; on the road, the boys prefer the Déjà Vu clubs.  
“One of the things we prefer when going out on tour is visiting the local clubs,” Thompson says.  “We’ve been doing this a long time and been to a lot of cities, but the thing that remains the same is that the entertainers we meet all seem to be the same age, you know, they’re all 19 or 20. We’re getting older, but they don’t seem to care!”
 BNM is currently in the studio finishing up their debut record that should see its release by the end of summer.  Born out of the bars and roadhouses located throughout the badlands of their native Texas, BNM will continue to live the lifestyle they sing about.   
“The bands a lot of us grew up on who are still incredibly popular, either live or being played in clubs, especially strip clubs,” says Thompson.  “This type of rock will never grow old. What people get with Brand New Machine is a band with that same attitude, the same spirit, the ones always looking for a good time.”

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