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teamstate4 In early 2016 ED Publications wanted to get an accurate snapshot of the current status of statewide adult club owner associations from coast to coast, so we hit the phones and emails. What follows here is a state-by-state breakdown on what is—and what isn’t—happening in each state as far as adult club owner associations go. 

     In most of these state listings we have included the names of clubs that have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO over the past four years. Our thought process is that by attending EXPO, the owners and personnel at those clubs have demonstrated an interest in our industry as a whole and would probably be the most receptive to starting an association in their state, or joining an existing association. In states where there is no association but there is a First Amendment attorney, we have taken the liberty of listing their contact info since they are most usually incommunication with numerous club owners in their state.
   When you read the listings, the comments in those listings are provided by the primary contact, who is either the Executive Director of that state chapter or one of the chapter officers. Also, in the text you will see numerous references to COAST (Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking) meetings, which are training sessions coordinated by ACE National and Department of Homeland Security (ICE) officials with statewide chapters to train club personnel on identifying and stopping sex trafficking.
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thumb teamstate3NEW JERSEY
New Jersey Adult Cabaret Association (NJCA)

Active: Yes
Started: 2005
Meets: Our members communicate by conference calls. We have meetings several times a year, or when a bad bill pops up and needs to be addressed.
Primary contact:
Jeff Levy—Executive Director
(954) 253-6511,
Sherri Terrel—President
Delilah’s in Manville, Tom’s River and Atlantic City, (732) 281-1511,
Tony Ariemma—Vice President
Bare Exposure, Atlantic City, (609) 449-0999,
John Colasanti—Secretary
(954) 253-6511,
Chris Kontos—Treasurer
Breathless, Rahway, (732) 574-3825,
Advisory attorneys: Danny Aaronson, Brad Shafer, and John Williams
# members: 25
Dues: Monthly
Successes: Defeated every bill at the state level against adult nightclubs in New Jersey. Defeated a Pole Tax, a Dancer Registration, posting police officers around all adult nightclubs where children congregate within 3,000 feet from the clubs at the club’s expense. Defeated distance requirements.
Upcoming Challenges: Pole taxes; training to identify human and sex trafficking .
EXPO: Owners and club personnel from the Delilah’s club chain; Minx Lounge in Morristown; Smiles 2 Go-Go in Ledgewood; Satin Dolls and Bada Bing in Township of Washington; and Bare Exposure in Atlantic City have attended the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO. The ED Database lists 102 adult clubs in New Jersey.