The 2012 Miss Nude World is ...


DSC 6482Congratulations to Aspen Reign, who recently took home her fifth Miss Nude World title.

Contestants from Australia, Canada and the United States took home the bronze, silver and gold at the 2012 Miss Nude World Pageant, held at Big Earl’s Goldmine in Des Moines, Iowa, October 5-8, 2011.
Over 20 entertainers competed in the pageant that was divided into Newcomers and Masters brackets. Scoring was so tight in the preliminary round that seven entertainers, instead of the customary five, advanced to the finals.
The top three contestants exhibited very contrasting styles of feature entertaining. Second Runner-Up Cassandra Jane, Miss Nude Australia 2012, performed classical burlesque shows wearing elaborate costumes. Her shows were beautifully choreographed and included artistic aerial work. A carousel horse was an exquisite prop in one show, while in another, butterfly wings were an innovative touch.
Kelly Kayne, two-time Miss Nude Canada, was First Runner-Up. Kelly’s show centered around her unbelievable pole dancing and gymnastic skills. There was consensus that Kelly was the top pole dancer anyone had witnessed; she was that good! In her signature show, Kelly was costumed as the Queen of Hearts.
But it was the talented Aspen Reign who once again took home the coveted title of Miss Nude World, winning her fifth title. Aspen performed to hard, driving rock, with an illuminated backdrop, lighted towers and blazing laser lights. Her “Pirate” show, which climaxed with a bath in a clear wash tub, brought down the house.

“I’m still floating on cloud nine after winning my fifth crown at Miss Nude World 2012!” says Aspen. “I came into this pageant like it was my first one and made sure I was bringing all my ammunition, as I was well aware of the stiff competition that was coming. I’m honored to have won, especially against the level of competitors from Australia, Canada and, of course, the good old USA! This was definently the best contest I have competed in in the last 10 years. Rio Rivers went above and beyond this year with the show. I’m done competing in Miss Nude World, but want to help bring back the big shows to these contests. A huge thank you to Cory, Elektra, Tony Batman, Rio Rivers and Big Earl’s for putting on a historic Miss Nude World 2012!”

Other noteworthy acts included Jaded Dawn and Shay Lynn’s highly erotic duo act The Evil Pin-Ups, Canadian Lulu Taylor’s milk show, Sondra Saxon as a barbarian, Kimberly Johnson’s Arabian nights and Jaded Dawn performing with not one but two live snakes!
Tony Batman of A! Entertainment News was the master of ceremonies of this the 48th annual edition of the Miss Nude World Pageant, presented by Rio Rivers. The honor of Master Dancer was bestowed upon Elektra, a former feature entertainer, and now gracious proprietor of Big Earl’s Gold Mine.

2012 Miss Nude World Contest Winners:

Miss Nude World 2012 — Aspen Reign
1st Runner-Up — Kelly Kayne
2nd Runner-Up — Cassandra Jane
3rd Runner-Up — Kimberly Johnson
4th Runner-Up — Jaded Dawn
Miss Nude World Duo Champions —
Jaded Dawn and Shay Lynn/The Evil Pin-Ups
Miss Burlesque World — Cassandra Jane
Miss Pole Champion World — Kelly Kayne
Miss Pole Champion International — Lulu Taylor
Miss Nude World Newcomer of the Year — Kayla
Miss Nude Petite World — Jennifer Lynn
Miss Nude Brunette World — Kelly Kayne
Miss Nude Blonde World— Sondra Saxon
Miss Nude All-Natural World — Natasha Vega
Miss Exotic World — Brooke Meadows
Miss Erotic World — Kimberly Johnson
Miss Nude World Rising Star — Salene Desire
Miss Nude World Performer of the Year — Kimberly Johnson
Miss Nude World Showgirl of the Year — Jaded Dawn
Miss Nude World Master Dancer — Elektra

— story and photos by Richard Kent of Xcitment Magazine (South Florida)

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