In Memoriam: Erika Eve

ErikaEve2Veteran feature entertainer and close friend to many, Erika Eve, 33, passed away on January 22, 2010, at her home in Texas.  
A familiar face to fans and club owners alike, Erika’s touring schedule slowed down recently to concentrate on her family, but a return to dancing seemed possible.  A prolific entertainer and centerfold, Erika set herself above most other features by showcasing a fire routine in her acts.  She was a three-time nominee for Exotic Dancer’s “Club Owner Favorite Feature,” as well as a Gold G-String Award Winner.  Erika leaves behind a daughter and her husband of many years, Monte Reynolds.
“Erica Eve was one of the most frequently booked touring feature entertainers in our industry over the past 10 years,” Don Waitt, Publisher of Exotic Dancer Publications, pointed out after learning of Eve’s passing.  “She offered club owners the complete package: beauty, talent and professionalism.”
“I know many already miss Erika as I do,” echoed Jack Pepper, VP of Marketing for the Galardi South Enterprises club chain. “Besides being the consummate professional, she was outgoing with customers and fans, and a very friendly and approachable person. A genuinely good soul”
As most are all too aware in the adult nightclub industry, there is no health or life insurance for feature entertainers. For those that would like to help the family financially during this time, donations, flowers and cards may be sent to at 76579 Airport Road, Oakridge, Oregon 97463. For those who would like to help cover funeral expenses, please make checks out to Monte Reynolds.
“Erika was fun to be around, and everyone that was around her said that,” says industry website operator and emcee, Tony Batman. “Since her death, I have received an overwhelming amount of emails and calls from photographers that just loved her. She will be missed by everyone in our industry.”

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