The Wow Factor

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Are you providing the “Wow Factor” in your club?

—The Professional Speaker Seminar
Professional speaker, author and nightclub expert Chris Lenahan gives some “new school” tactics at EXPO 2012 that club owners can utilize to guarantee customers have a truly memorable “Wow!” experience at their club.
For over 15 years, Chris Lenahan has been providing that “Wow factor” at dozens of nightclubs across the country. Lenahan helped design and direct the openings of several Sin City venues, including Club Utopia, Studio 54, the House of Blues, C2K, Light and Coyote Ugly to name a few.
But what if the city you’re located in doesn’t have the prestige or “cool factor” of Las Vegas?  How can you provide that “Wow factor” in your club, no matter what its size and where it’s located?  EXPO 2012’s “The Wow Factor” seminar, presented by Lenahan will tell club operators of all sizes how creating a memorable customer experience has little to do with money, but has a lot to do with having a staff that pays attention to even the slightest detail.
“You literally have 10 seconds to make an impression on your guests, from their first greeting at your front door, to the point at which they’re sat down at their table or seat of choice.”
“But it’s also about having the proper flow,” says Lenahan. “You can’t give them that ‘hard sell’ right away; you have to make sure guests are sat in a location they’re comfortable with, and make sure they’re able to order their drinks and get settled, before the entertainers start coming over to sell dances.  It’s just like a restaurant, where you are seated, presented with a menu, order drinks, then food, etc. There has to be a flow to the way your guests are greeted and served.”

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