Guiltless Fryers by Quick n’ Crispy

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working the deep fryer in any kitchen, you know the bane of cooking existence that resides in scalding gallons of hot oil.  As delicious and expedient as fried foods are, the preparation of them results, at best, in less than heart-friendly fare, and at worst, seared flesh and a healthy fear of fast food.  The options have been limited thus far; after all, an alternative that produces that same texture and taste, in a comparable amount of time, has been nonexistent. 

qncmodel Well, not exactly nonexistent.  With 17 years under their belt, Quick n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryers have drummed up a small but devoted crew of clubs that moved on from the world of scalding oil.  Quick n’ Crispy manufactures two different sized fryers that work without hot oil, producing a product that is true to the name: quick and crispy.  Using only hot air and radiant heat, you can offer customers a product that is 20 to 40 percent lower in fat and served up in near-identical amounts of time.  What’s more, the Quick n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryers pull double and triple duty, as they are capable of “grilling” up anything you’d throw down on a traditional stove top, such as chicken breasts and burgers, as well as baking products like pizza.  

For new clubs, or those looking to renovate, Quick n’ Crispy may be an option that could spare you thousands of dollars for an expensive hood and ventilation system.  The self-ventilated system takes up a fraction of the space a traditional fryer would use—consider the larger model, the GF 5, which measures only 25 inches high, 29 inches wide and 21 inches deep—while still cooking up to five pounds of jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks in under four minutes, or three solid pounds of French fries in five minutes.

Eliminating the perpetual cost of cooking oil, as well as pricey insurance policies required for any kitchen with a deep fryer, the Quick n’ Crispy system could pay for itself in a few short months.  Quick n’ Crispy also features competitive payment options, a full supply of replacement parts, comprehensive warranties and the thumbs up from clubs like Deja Vu and the Hustler Clubs.

For more information, please call Paul Artt at (972) 669-8993. 

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