Be Dazzled!

dazzle drinks_color_chartDazzled trims for your rims

dessert-drinksWhatever the occasion or event, there is always an excuse to have drinks that dazzle. Fun, flirty and fabulous, Dazzle Your Drinks offers 24 colors of sparkling sugars that will turn your drink rims into shimmering showpieces. From cocktails to mocktails every drink deserves a little dazzle. The sugars come in one-pound bags which translates to 200 standard size drink glasses. They arrive in durable, heat-sealed, stand-up zipper pouches that make for easy storage and transportation and can be preserved for two years. As decor for your glass, the sugars are not flavored, with the emphasis being on the infinite kaleidoscope of color choices. So go ahead, add a little sparkle to your rim and let the fun begin.

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