BiddRocket’s Cover Countdown!

Cover-CountdownA solution to increased cover charge purchases, and overall bottom line, from BiddRocket’s Cover Countdown

BiddRocket, the behavioral science company behind Cover Countdown, has been studying how groups of people make decisions within the adult nightclub realm since 2011. A year and half ago, they decided to center their focus on nightlife attendance patterns.
Pulling from their team’s backgrounds in online gambling, behavioral psychology and hospitality consulting, they developed a method to increase venue profits: Cover Countdown. Cover Countdown is a mobile app that combines social media, crowd sourcing and mobile technology, and is used by both owners and patrons. Owners can offer opportunities for customers to pre-purchase their cover charges at a discounted price, spanning over a seven-day period prior to the event, with an increase of the pre-cover price with each passing day. The result? Encourage increased patron bar spending, and guaranteed attendance, rain or shine, via a simple psychological strategy.
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