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Higher profits pour

skyflo-wunderbarthrough Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo

Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo electronic and wireless liquor dispensing system is what the bar and nightclub industry has been waiting for. Wunder-Bar’s Skyflo spout pours the perfect amount and wirelessly transmits data in real-time.
Your bartender can vary the pour size for different types of drinks, and each drink and size is automatically recorded and wirelessly sent to your computer and included in your daily pour report. The Skyflo saves you money by eliminating free-pouring, beer loss and unrecorded sales by tracking every amount of liquid poured every single time.
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Penthouse Libido Libations Cherry Vodka

PENTHOUSEAll5Bottles by Prestige Imports

Get your clientele in the mood like never before with the world’s first male and female libido-infused cherry vodka! Prestige Imports, LLC partnered with Penthouse to bring you these formulas that have incorporated safe, effective and world-known natural aphrodisiacs to boost libido drive in men and women. The Penthouse Libido Libation bottles are made in Italy, decorated in Germany and filled with special attention in Holland.
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“The Collaboration”

SilverOak  by Asombroso Fine Tequilas

Want to really impress the high roller who comes into your club ready for more than just your average ‘good time’? Pull out a bottle of “The Collaboration” by Asombroso Fine Tequilas, pour him a shot and watch his face change from skepticism to pure satisfaction.
“The Collaboration” is a one-of-a-kind, ultra-premium 11-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon Anejo that is double barreled and rested exclusively in Silver Oak American Oak barrels. Elegantly housed in a crystal decanter hand made by Italian artist Luciano Gambaro and displayed in a finely polished Humidor resting on a laser-engraved custom pedestal, this limited release Cabernet Sauvignon Anejo is as stunning visually as it is on the palate.  
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CapellaStack Range

Innova-Products-1 by Strahl

Designed specifically for hospitality, CapellaStack is a new stackable range from Strahl. Space-saving and made from an elegant, durable polycarbonate plastic, Strahl will reduce your re-order frequency and offer a safer environment for your customers with no exposure to broken glass. The range is crystal clear with the look and feel of glass—but without its liability.
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Branded Table and Stool Set

Fry-fab-table-chari by Fry Fabrications

What better way to promote your club than with the very tables and chairs your customers sit in? Now you can with Fry Fabrications’ custom branded table and stool sets! Constructed from durable steel, these products are designed with branding in mind.
The table features a flat-pack design that allows it to easily be transported but leaves it sturdy enough for constant use. The table includes graphics of your choice on the table top and sides. The stools are designed to compliment the table and feature a footrest, padded seat and four panels available for branding.
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Cash Cannon 2.0

 cash-cannon-20by Cash Cannon

The original Cash Cannon has been a favorite of your patrons who love to make it rain since its initial launch—and it just got a whole lot better. The Cash Cannon 2.0 has all of the great features the original product had, but also boasts some exciting upgrades like clear UV coating that provides a beautiful glossy finish and changes made to the holding compartment that increase material dispensing efficiency and reduce paper jams. And guess what? The Cash Cannon 2.0 comes in a new color—pink!
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