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Cool new products and services for the adult nightclub industry.

Protection and safety at the touch of a button

Unity-ID-Scanwith Unity’s ID scan

Unity understands the importance of your business, including the safety of your staff and clientele. With that in mind, they have developed the tools to help you attain protection, safety and so much more than scanning IDs with their ID Scan software, which can be used by any iPhone, iTouch or iPad.
You can effortlessly scan 2D barcodes from driver’s licenses and record the data, including a cellular number, e-mail and rating which can be used to text, e-mail or connect through social media in the “all-in-one marketing” portion of Unity. You can also protect the safety of your guests through immediate banning notifications, monitor frequency of guests’ visits and mark arrived groups as well as the number of patrons in that group, to name just a few of the software’s features.
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Want to make your VIP feel special?

DaH-HookahGive them something to remember with DesignaHookah

DesignaHookah is an innovative company based in New York City that specializes in high-end, customized/branded hookahs. They can transform your idea into reality when it comes to all things hookah, and ultimately create a hookah for your adult nightclub that matches your decor, represents your brand and provides exceptional value to your most important customers.  
DesignaHookahs are always designed to accurately and appropriately represent your brand identity, presenting a conversation piece that is buzz-worthy and one-of-a-kind. Their hookahs, referred to as “functional-art,” create exceptional value for your VIP clientele and give your non-VIP customers something to aspire to. The most popular designs are dripping with genuine Swarovski crystals, attracting attention from both near and far.
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Usiness intelligence at your fingertips

 RS-Enterprisewith the Aldelo Touch by R.S. Enterprise

Aldelo Touch is a powerfully advanced point-of-sale app that is designed exclusively for use with the iPad and iPad Mini. Instilled with the same valuable features as Xera POS and the accessible real-time back-office reporting, Aldelo Touch couples the best of cloud and mobility to help adult nightclub owners achieve greater efficiency and deliver an enhanced customer experience. The Aldelo cloud features a web-based back-office and reporting solution, empowering you with true freedom to manage your venue from anywhere, anytime.
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Give your customers Quik ‘n Crispy food—

Model-GF5without thousands of dollars spent on ventilation systems—with the new Model GF5

Quik ‘n Crispy recently submitted their new Model GF5 greaseless fryer to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for emissions testing, in order to insure that it conforms to the ventless operation recommendations set forth by NFPA96 using EPA 202 Test Method. And guess what? They passed the test with flying colors.
So what does all of that scientific mumbo-jumbo have to do with your adult nightclub? A lot, if you want to stop spending needless dollars when it comes to your kitchen. With the Quik n’ Crispy Model GF5, there is no need to invest in expensive mechanical ventilation systems, meaning more profits and less hassle for your bottom line.
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Want patrons to stay longer?

iSmart-ChargeCharge their smartphones with iSmart Charge G Series

With the smartphone becoming practically synonymous with the human anatomy in this day and age, a low battery can mean more than just a dead cellular device, especially when it comes to your adult nightclub. When a customer’s phone goes dead, there is a good chance that he or she will be making their way to the closest charging station—whether or not it’s in your club.
With the iSmart Charge G Series, you can keep your patrons happily plugged into the realm of technology (see: drunkenly “seducing” an uninterested ex via 400-plus-word text messages). And with the iSmart Charge, the customers aren’t the only ones who win—with a charged phone, they will have no reason to leave your venue anytime soon.
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Want your bouncers to be the best?

security-officerNightclub Security Consultants has the all-inclusive solution—and on your time

In 1998, Nightclub Security Consultants developed the first job and task-specific training for in-house security guards, or “bouncers.” After training over 3,000 bar and club employees in person, they decided to make it even easier to guarantee your security and bouncers are the best by developing an online training alternative to their comprehensive and dynamic in-person training.
Their online training topics include Conflict Resolution, Use of Force, Alcohol Service Liabilities, Alcohol Service Regulations, Terrorism Awareness, Fake and Borrowed ID and much more.  And club employees who use this training program don’t just gain knowledge and experience in all of the typical security scenarios. Managers and owners whose employees used this program noticed that their security personnel became better customer service representatives as well—and with better employees came fewer incidents of violence, leading to fewer civil litigation cases and lower insurance costs.
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